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 Sim Racing Team 

 Since 2020 

 ACC | iRacing 

We are looking for sponsors

The popularity of Sim Racing has increased massively  'thanks' to the global pandemic. More and more petrol heads are finding the cheaper and more sustainable alternative for real life motorsports.  


The ever growing e-Sports scene has in the last few years expanded from the traditional FPS and MOBA games to include Sim Racing among others.  Now 'gamers' can make a living by using their skills, like in any other career.

We at Griphax are competing in various Sim Racing series and events that pay out prize money. But with the introduction of prize money, it usually comes with some kind of sign up fees.

These races are almost without exceptions broadcast on popular sites like Youtube and Twitch. In some cases even on national television.

Our team is mostly based in Finland, but with a international squad of drivers, we search for big and small sponsors from around the world.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information! 


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