European Endurance Series

Multiclass 6h endurance racing at its best. LMP1s, LMP2s and GTEs at the same time on same track.

Now this is podracing. Speed difference in car classes requires a lot of alertness from the drivers.

A lot can happen in 6 hours and you should never give up. There is always a chance, both in good and bad.

The #011 LMP1 can be seen zooming around various tracks every two weeks on iRacing.

Piloted by none other than Philipp Kündgen and Jens Kaiser. Germans know their cars.

Both the Porsche 919 and Audi R18 get regularly taken out from the garage to try and shoot for a podium.

Being on the podium steps is no foreign thing for these lads. Philipp being a Div 2 Champion

and Jens being a Div 3 Champion from 2020 season 2.

As a new thing for 20S4, iRacing added the Dallara P217 to the LMP2 class.

In the upcoming season, we might see the germans change class in to the new prototype

after some very successful seasons in the LMP1 class.