VRS GT Endurance Series

The roar of 60 GT3 cars flooring it at green flag heading in to turn 1  is a sight and a half. Being calm behind the wheel is crucial, or you might find yourself out of the race on the opening laps. A 3h endurance race is more like 3 sprint races tied together. Even a small mistake might cost you several places which you do not want to lose. Some might say this is the most deadly series on iRacing...


This is usually the series where you get your first touch for team endurance races. Our team has driven it for many seasons with various success. Being a part of a crash is inevitable even for the best of us. There are races every weekend on three different time slots. We participate most weekends. Sometimes even with multiple cars.

Target: TOP10

2020 Season 2: 14th

2020 Season 4: 20th

2021 Season 1: 6th