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Griphax Engineering is a Finnish semi-professional Sim Racing team that formed in January 2020. Originally Griphax was an international squad of internet-friends racing weekly in the iRacing simulator, competing in the higher splits of special events and official endurance series.

With the popularity of Assetto Corsa Competizione growing bigger, 

a small squad of drivers started participating in various events.

The teams big turning point happened in preparation for the 2021 World Cup, when the Griphax ACC team experienced a complete overhaul. 

The absolute top Finnish ACC racers joined the team to take part in the 2021 World Cup, when the originally planned team fell apart. With the partial World Cup success, it became clear what to focus on. From that point on our squad of ACC drivers has grown larger and stronger.

After all these years our goal has remained the same. We want to be competitive on higher levels without forgetting to have fun. You can find us in the higher splits of most events trying to maximize our results in both ACC and iRacing. Unfortunately running against the top tier eSports teams is a huge task but we will not give up!

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Aloo Gobi

Sebastian Handler

Teemu Karppinen

Jesse Kauppinen

Teemu Pölkki

Antti Salonen

Joona Savolainen

Joonas Savolainen

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 Meet thE drivers


Nils Grenholm

Sami Heinimo

Jake Johannsen

Jens Kaißer

Ville Lehtevä

Chris Norvasuo

Philipp Kündgen

Petteri Niemi

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The Sim Grid World Cup

CDA Sprint/Endurance Cup
More Female Racers

Low Fuel Motorsport



European Endurance Series

VRS GT Endurance Series

KARS Endurance Series

among others..

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